Holli Annika

Exploring the Art of Style

My love for fashion has been with me as long as I can recall – as a toddler, I remember spending hours trying on my mother’s clothing, shoes and jewellery, birthing in me an interest in fashion. I grew up observing the way people dressed, discovering the importance of how one presented themselves in public. These precious years hold fond memories of special shopping dates with my mum who taught me how to create outfits and dress appropriately according to my age and the occasion.

My teen years reflect my almost ‘coming of age’ – where I experimented and practiced with fashionable pieces, and eventually learned to develop a style representing my own personality and individuality. Completing my marketing degree further instilled in me that first impressions are crucial to any situation – your style holds everlasting value.

This journal is simply a portrayal of what I have discovered , and am still learning – with the hope that it will inspire you to explore your own style.

With Love…