Holli Annika

Exploring the Art of Style

As the Northern Hemisphere goes through the motions of fall and prepares for freezing winter months, the Southern Hemisphere enjoys the opposite as we lather on the coconut oil hoping to brown in the heat of the rays. But it is in these few months that both hemispheres, and their trends, collide. At this present moment, one of those trends happens to relate very well to our feet.

Loafers. Plain loafers. Velvet Loafers. Jewelled Loafers. Embroided Loafers. Patterned loafers. Leather loafers. All kinds of loafers you could think of under the sun. If you’re wearing a pair - you are on trend and too hot to trot! Net-a-Porter listed Loafers as one of their 25 key Fall Edit trends - to be honest I think I may have looked at this page alone 10 times today already. It’s difficult to be diverted

One of the greatest benefits that come to mind with this footwear is the comfort of a loafer - it’s almost too hard to resist! You don’t need to worry about blisters from your pointed-toe pumps, nor Party Feet gel pads to help you bear your 6 inch heels. Loafers, just like slippers, are bliss; heaven for your feet. And let’s not forget to mention that loafers no longer look like your grandpa’s bedroom slippers from the 1960’s - they are , in fact, seriously stylish!

Versatility is an enormous asset. Team your loafers with just about everything - skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts, shift dresses, party dresses - the list is endless. Additionally, loafers lend themselves to multiple styles - preppy, corporate, manstyle, nautical, polished, grungy - and on and on!

And of course, unlike other trends based around coats, boots and gloves, we don’t have to wait another 7 months or so to be able to wear these beauties! The time is now! xx




1 year ago