Holli Annika

Exploring the Art of Style

First impressons are crucial to any situation and your style holds everlasting value. Gent or lady, of course you want your image to be presenting you at your best!

Having a stylist help you define your style and master your image is not uncommon these days. Whether you’re:

  • Tired of your current look
  • Want to update with the latest trends
  • Want to make the most of what is already in your wardobe
  • Have a new job or need help with your corporate attire
  • Need to dress for a special occasion or event
  • Need help dressing your bridal party
  • Want to understand the world of online shopping
  • Want to better understand how to shop and dress to suit your colour and body shape
  • Want to know the trick behind putting together great outfits
  • Need a stylist for a photo-shoot or editorial work

I can help you.

WARBROBE A styling session based on your current wardrobe. We will create great looks with pieces you have, and discuss how to build and utilise your functional wardrobe.

SHOPPING A styling session for any occasion. Learn how to shop for pieces that will suit your body, colour and lifestyle whether it’s for everyday items, seasonal pieces or an event.

PACKAGE Have the best of both.

For inquiries and prices contact me.

WRITE ask@holliannika.com

* Travel fees may apply.